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Top 5 Trending Hairstyles of Bollywood Actresses



Proper hairstyle is not only a good marker of a person’s taste, it also a way of bringing out the personality of a person who wears it. Also, it gives shape to your countenance. There are people who don’t have a head that has a nice shape. They can easily cover the unwelcome aspect of their head with the help of a truly relevant hairstyle. And, of course, it adds considerable personal charm to your personality as well. Also Read – South News Weekly Rewind: Prabhas gets trolled for putting on weight, Samantha Ruth Prabhu breaks silence on dropping the Akkineni surname and more

The problem is that very often people don’t know what kind of hairstyle they should wear. It is good to refer to the hairstyles that are trending among Bollywood actresses lately.

Straight Hair
This type of hairstyle is much in vogue for quite some time now. Wherever you see, you see girls having straight hair. This fashion is so popular among girls that markets are literally flooded with hair straighteners. Even the girls having curly hair want to adopt this style by using hair straightener. We have a word of caution for them. It is good to feed your hair the style that naturally belongs to it. Treating your hair frequently with hair straightener may hurt the quality of your hair. Hair straightener requires discreet use of it. Also Read – 9 films rejected by Hrithik Roshan that later fell into Shah Rukh Khan, Prabhas, Aamir Khan and other stars’ kitties

Coming to the point, what is unique about this style is that it appears simple and yet elegant. It will suit you no matter what shape your head is. For that matter, you may refer to the head shapes of Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai. If you have noticed properly, you won’t fail to see that Kareena’s head is square, Deepika’s a bit like an inverted triangle and Aishwarya’s a perfect dish. Yet, this style suits them all!

Wavy High Ponytail with a Pouf
This is another bother-free and decent hairstyle that doesn’t take much time. All you got to do is straighten your hair, make four sections of hair, beginning by making a pony tail at the back of your head, and another pony from a section of hair that you gathered from the top of your head by tying it up with a rubber band right before the vertex, and let two sets of hair hang on the sides of your head.

Make some space in the section that you tied before the vertex with a rubber band, and invert the pony tail formed by the same section and pass it through the space you made for it and tighten it up by giving it a nice pull. That’s the way you contrive the pouf. However, that’s not the only way to do it.

Then, secure with bobby pins each of the two sections of hair on the opposite side right behind where your ear is. If you like, give three to four silky twists with your hair straightener to the pony tails that hangs at the back of your head.

Tamanna, Alia, Deepika and many others have used it on different occasions. Now it’s your turn.

Braided Hair
This style had actually never gone out of fashion but has risen to prominence recently. Traditionally, it was one braid or two. Over the time different styles were incorporated in traditional Indian braid styles. These include French braid, lattice braid, fishtail braid and lace braid.

The basic style makes use of three sections of hair for making braids. For creating different impressions, you have the freedom to weave them tightly or loosely. Bollywood has also made use of French braids. It picks up a section of hair that lies between two temples, divides it into three sections and starts weaving them into a braid. As you weave it, you keep on adding more sections of hair in it.

Please note that notwithstanding how many sections of hair you include in it, you have to combine them into three sections and continue braiding them till you finish it, leaving a ponytail toward the end. Apart from the French braid, we also see the lace braid with a twist. Some would have it not at the back but rather high on one of the sides of their head.

Half Up
It takes a section of hair from the crown and weaves into a braid, leaving a pony tail at the end, and creates a bun out of it and fixes it with bobby pins where the bun is meant to be. Once this is done, you can let the pony of the braid cascade down along with the hair that you didn’t include in making braid. Just as it is with some of the hairstyles, this one also allows room for originality. Sonam, Jaqueline Fernandez and some other heroines provide a good instance of the originality that we are talking about here. This style has a touch of tradition about it, and that is its uniqueness.

Retro Waves
Not only easy to create, this style adds a lot of glamour to a person’s looks. That’s the reason why we see it often times in Bollywood films or in special gatherings of celebrities. It is all about creating waves, huge or small. It seldom fails to sweep men off their feet. All it requires is either curling iron or careful twists given to hair as they pass through hair straightener.

Any girl who wants to be noticed wears one of these hairstyles. Sure thing.

“Proper hairstyle is not only a good marker of a person’s taste, it also a way of bringing out the personality of a person who wears it.”

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