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RJ Manav is touching the heart of fans with his show Dil Diya Gallan



RJ Manav who is also known as Ranjeev Kumar is touching the heart of millions by his melodious voice and unique style. There are a number of people who knows that RJ Manav is professionally a Software Engineer and own an IT Firm but still he never let his passion go down. He currently playing a unique role of Radio Jockey on few different radio stations along with GKM Media which is broadcasting worldwide through the website and mobile applications. RJ Manav and his show “Dil Diya Gallan” is widely liked by the audience from all over the world.

As we come to know about RJ Manav we come to know that RJ Manav is graduate in Bachelor of Law and Completed his masters in Information Technology. His interest in Software Technology pushed him to learn about coding etc.
RJ Manav started his Journey as Radio Jockey with Radio City24, then he joined with Radio Virsa and nowadays he is giving his shows on RangFM radio channel, GKM Media and ONSKY RADIO. He always trying to spread awareness about the social experience, always talking on the cultural topics and trying to connect our new generation to our culture, As per his said.
There are much more to discuss about RJ Manav as he is a complete package of entertainment and a role model for our youth. We’ll write one another article on RJ Manav’s life, career and his love with his mother land.

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